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Best EV Charging Station Installation in Red Bank, NJ, with over 500 5-Star Reviews

Are you looking for a company that offers trustworthy at-home or commercial EV charging station installation? Super Power Electric is an excellent choice in Red Bank, NJ.

Why might residential or commercial EV charging station installation come in handy? Electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular as drivers worldwide realize the benefits involved. Some of the primary utility benefits include the following:

  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Increased vehicle lifetime
  • A great selection of brands, including Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen, and Nissan

If you own or want to buy an electric car to minimize your carbon footprint, investing in an EV charging station is a great idea. Not only is investing in this installation more convenient for you, but it also saves a lot of money on charging costs in the long run.

Super Power Electric’s team is more than happy to answer your questions on whether to install an at-home charging station in Red Bank, NJ. We have already served over 25,000 customers with installation, the maintenance of various electrical systems, and more. Read on to find out more about our EV charging stations below.

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EV Charging Station Installation
ev charging station

EV Charging Station Install: Which Level Is Right For Me?

There are three available levels when we install an EV charging station for you.

Level 1 chargers are the most basic type of charging station and do not require special installation. It will fit into any standard 3-prong outlet, but recharging your EV’s battery this way could take up to 20 hours. It requires careful planning to give your car enough time to charge.

Installing a Level 2 EV charging station requires a company with special knowledge on how to connect the device to your electrical wiring. These chargers carry a 240-Volt circuit, which will charge your car’s battery in as little as eight hours. Super Power Electric can easily perform this garage-based installation in Red Bank, NJ.

As the most powerful option, Level 3 chargers require industrial-level power to function. It would make an ideal option for a business or property owner looking to install a public EV charging station. However, only commercial EV charging station installers will place Level 3 stations.

The EV charging installation cost is also typically higher than Level 1 and 2 chargers, but the investment quickly pays off as customers use the station to charge their vehicles. Level 3 charging stations will recharge a car in just 30 minutes, potentially adding 100 miles to the car’s range.

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Why Install EV Charging Station at Home?

The benefits of at-home and commercial EV charging station installations include the following:

With an at-home EV charger, you won’t need to plan specific times of day to park at a public charging station. Arrive home from work, plug in your car, and forget about your vehicle until the following day.

A vehicle owner could charge their car up to ten times faster with an at-home EV charging station compared to a 120V wall outlet. Level 2 chargers are also much faster, meaning you can achieve a full charge in no time at all.

Did you know that public EV chargers effectively increase the price of electricity to make money off the venture? If you exclusively use public electric car charging stations, you spend far more on energy in the long run. Why not install an EV charging station at your house and pay the base price of the electricity required to charge your car instead?

Has your business implemented a passive income strategy? If not, you could look into installing a Level 3 EV charging station for a profitable new line of revenue. It is a great idea if your business location is visible to the public or situated in a busy commercial area.

EV Charging Station
ev charging station

Can My Home or Business Sustain an EV Charging Station?

Is your electrical panel at home 100 amps or below? You will need to consider the following:

Super Power Electric’s experienced technicians will have to upgrade your service panel to 150 or 200 amps

You will need a 240-Volt circuit with a power of 30-50 amps

The state requires a permit to install this technology

If you are installing a Level 3 commercial EV charging station, Super Power Electric will also need to check your electrical capacity. We examine whether your electrical system can handle the power and determine whether the installation of other parts could streamline your system.

What Part of My Property Is Best for My EV Charging Station?

Most homeowners install their EV chargers inside the garage, though certain companies prefer to place these stations outdoors. It is possible to install these models outside with the right infrastructure. If you want to install a public charging station, be sure to check with our expert electricians before finalizing the location of your installation.

EV Charging Stations
ev charging station installation

EV Charging Station Installation Cost & Process

At-home EV charging stations range considerably in price. It typically depends on how complex it is to install the device based on your home’s current electrical system. The following factors may affect the overall cost of the installation:

  • Do you need to install a 240-Volt connector? Labor and parts may be more expensive.
  • What is the distance of the station from your electrical panel? Installation costs rise the further away it happens to be.
  • Can your system support a powerful Level 3 station? If not, parts increase the base cost. 
  • Do you have other electrical needs? Extra steps in the process will add to the bottom line.

Thankfully, Super Power Electric offers accurate advice and quotes on installing the best EV charger models for your location and streamlining the process. What can our customers expect the installation process to look like? We typically take the following steps:

  • We will inspect your electrical panel, property, and current electrical capacity.
  • We will then discuss the pricing, labor, and parts for your new EV charging station.
  • We will advise on where to put the station on your property.
  • We will work to efficiently install your new station with minimal disruptions.

Once installed, our professionals also explain how the new equipment works, run through the available warranties, and answer any questions you may have about your new charging station. Find out more when you chat with Super Power Electric’s licensed electrician.

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Professional EV Charging Station Installers in Red Bank, NJ

You need a qualified electrician to install your Level 1, 2, or 3 EV charging station in Red Bank, NJ. The team at Super Power Electric can help with trained and insured professionals who can safely handle your electrical system. We provide transparent and fair pricing and high-quality installation services for at-home and commercial EV chargers in the area. Super Power Electric also carries all the necessary permits required to install EV charging stations in the state of New Jersey.

Are you ready to invest in an at-home or commercial EV charging station in Red Bank, NJ, or the surrounding areas? It could be the change you need for a brighter future. Get in touch with the Super Power Electric professionals at 732-851-8487 today to learn more.