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Emergency Generator Installation in Red Bank, NI

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If you want your home to be prepared for an emergency, then installing an electric generator is a great idea. Electric standby generators provide an emergency source of energy in case the main power grid goes out. With electric and portable generators, homeowners can maintain their comfort in the event of extended power outages. 

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How Do Emergency Generators Work?

Most homes connect to a local power grid that receives power from a nearby distribution center. If that distribution center goes down, your home can lose power for an extended period. Backup generators are a way to generate off-grid electricity to power your home in the event of an outage. 

Emergency generators run on diesel, natural gas, or gasoline. The burning fuel causes a rotor to spin, and an alternator turns that mechanical energy into usable electricity. The most powerful emergency generators can produce up to 150 kilowatts of electricity — more than enough to power your home’s essentials and appliances. 

Emergency Generator Costs

According to Bob Vila, the average US homeowner spends about $4,800 on a whole-house generator, with most paying between $1,500 and $8,000. The main factors that affect the cost of an emergency generator are the size and fuel tank type. All other things being equal, a larger generator costs more to install and run. 

Of the three main fuel types (natural gas, diesel, gasoline), natural gas generators are the cheapest to run in terms of fuel. Additionally, portable generators are, on average, cheaper than installed standby generators but produce less power. 

Benefits of Standby Generators

Generators have several benefits that make the above costs worth the price. Below are just a few of the reasons homeowners should consider emergency generator installation in Red Bank, NJ. 

Many homeowners rely on electronic security systems to protect and safeguard their homes. Although some security systems have backup batteries in case of electrical outages, some security features might not work if the power goes out. 

A generator ensures that your floodlights, cameras, electronic locks, etc., still function if the power goes out. Additionally, generators can power necessary medical equipment, such as a CPAP machine, so you don’t have to rely on external batteries for power.  

Losing power means losing access to refrigeration, ventilation, and entertainment. A basic emergency generator produces sufficient power to run electrical essentials, such as lighting, plumbing, and heat. More powerful generators produce enough electricity to run other electronics for entertainment and recreation. 

A local power outage can last for days, and going without electricity can be uncomfortable. An emergency generator keeps the lights on so you and your family can continue to live in comfort. 

An electric generator is also good for protecting electronics and other possessions. A power surge from an outage can damage sensitive electronics, and some devices, such as certain batteries, need a constant current to maintain their condition. In some cases, a power surge can cause electronics to catch fire. 

Emergency generators supply continuous electricity in the event of an outage, so there is less risk of surging. Also, your food won’t go bad in the fridge during power outages if you have a generator picking up the slack. 

Emergency Generator FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our emergency generator installation in Red Bank, NJ.

The simplest way to determine the appropriate emergency generator size is to add up the wattage of all the appliances and systems you want the generator to power. Most appliances or systems have their wattages on the machine itself or in the user manual. 

You can also estimate your total energy needs by looking at a monthly energy bill. Your energy bills should mark average and peak electricity usage, so you can choose a model that produces enough power. For reference, the average American household consumes about 10,500 kilowatt-hours per year.  

If you are still unsure what size generator to get, you can call a professional to size the generator for you. Our experts can perform an assessment to accurately gauge your power needs and find a generator the right size. 

Most manufacturers rate their standby generators for 10,000 and 30,000 hours of usage. Most people end up using their generators only a few times a year, so a generator can basically last indefinitely as long as you maintain it. 

We do not recommend you run your generator for more than 3,000 consecutive hours. Running your generator continuously can significantly lower its lifespan and increase the chances of needing repairs. 

Unless you have experience with professional electrical installation, you should not try to DIY install a standby generator. Installing a generator requires a substantial amount of wiring and testing to ensure appropriate power output and that the generator won’t impact the local power grid. 

Additionally, you need to obtain permits to install a permanent standby generator. You should always call a licensed electrician for any kind of substantial electrical work to ensure safety and code compliance. 

Emergency Generator Installation in Red Bank, NJ

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