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In the same way that your circulatory system delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to keep every part of your body working, the powerful wiring system in your home delivers the critical current to allow all your appliances and devices to function properly. To keep this wiring network in superb condition, it is important to make sure that your system is installed right from the beginning and that it gets the upgrades it needs. Reach out to Super Power Electric for our trustworthy wiring and rewiring services.

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Wiring and Rewiring
electrical wiring installation

Electrical Wiring Installations You Can Trust

Whether you are just starting to plan the blueprints of your dream house or are looking to add an extension of a new office or home gym to your current property, it is essential that you get dependable wiring installations. In order to access power for the most basic functions, from lighting to wi-fi, you need to have reliable wiring installed by professional electricians. 

Our highly experienced and trained technicians can carefully place in the wiring you need to access power, while ensuring that none of your other critical lines, from your plumbing to your gas lines, are damaged in the process. We also install specialized wiring systems that are needed for key appliances, which is not something that every electrician is qualified to do. 

Reach out to us if you ever need any special wiring for unique appliances or equipment such as:

  • Service panels
  • Ceiling fans
  • Hot tubs
importance of replacing aluminum wiring


Did you know that according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the aluminum wiring running through your home is one of the most dangerous elements to have around? In fact, one of the CPSC’s most recent reports, which was conducted with the prestigious Franklin Research Institute, discovered that these circuits running through outlets, switches, and panels are 50 times more likely to cause an electrical fire than updated ones made with copper.

Because the consequences of having this old style of wiring in your home are so dire, home insurance companies are now refusing to even offer new coverage unless you have proof that your house has had the old aluminum wiring removed and been completely rewired with a safe alternative. To protect your household from this dangerous fire hazard, it is crucial to get in touch with Super Power Electric so we can provide total rewiring of your home.

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Aluminum Wiring
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Our experts at Super Power Electric have everything it takes to ensure that your family, neighbors, and visitors are never in danger of being electrocuted or severely injured by an electrical fire. In addition to having the peace of mind that comes with hiring our certified experts, you can also rest assured that you will never come upon unexpected surprises, since we always display our fees upfront.