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Nearly everyone has heard a horror story about damage to electrical devices following power outages, storms, floods, or other disasters. Downed power lines or other electrical problems cause a temporary disruption of power. Without professional whole-house surge protector installation by a licensed electrician, the sudden current surge destroys delicate electrical devices and computer systems.

Worse, power outages during disasters can mask damage to the electrical system. Homeowners and their families might not notice frayed wiring, loose wires, damaged outlets, and other wiring problems until the power returns. By then, anyone in the home could be at risk for electric shocks and fires.

Whole-house surge protector installation, standalone power surge protectors, and circuit interrupters allow homeowners to avoid these nightmare scenarios. Super Power Electric specializes in electrical safety equipment such as outlets and surge protectors.

Our state-of-the-art surge protectors prevent your home’s electrical system from endangering you, your pets, or your family, even when it suffers a loss of integrity due to floods, wear and tear, or accidents. 

Does your home have the latest technology? If you have an older home or if any of the wiring in your home is not up to date, call a licensed electrician at Super Power Electric to discuss whether any of these types of electrical equipment can improve your home’s safety and bring your electrical system up to code.

Two of the most critical safety features to have in your home are ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters. Both will break the circuit if they detect dangerous short circuits in your wiring. However, each guards against a different electrical problem.

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Whole House Surge Protectors
ground fault circuit

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are part of GCFI plugs and GCFI outlets. They break the circuit when current from a hot wire travels to the ground through a short circuit that circumvents the circuitry in your home or the appliance you are using. 

Ground faults could happen because of a problem with the wiring, the wiring or electrical device is wet, or there is substantial moisture around the electric circuit. Water conducts electricity and can create a dangerous alternative path from a wire or device to the ground. 

If you or anyone else in your home gets in the path of that electrical current, you could suffer a nasty electrical shock or an electrical burn, and the outcome could be fatal. Ground faults are a common cause of electrical fires, which is why electrical outlets and appliances you use near water should have GFCI protection.

arc fault circuit

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

The second type of fault occurs when two wires, a hot wire carrying current and a neutral wire not carrying current, come into proximity without any insulation separating them. Electricity naturally flows from the hot wire to the neutral wire, creating an arc that can travel across the air for short distances. 

When electricity arcs through the air, it can heat up anything nearby, scorching plastic, burning insulation, and setting flammable objects or materials alight. Anyone coming too close to a live circuit with an arc fault could suffer electrical burns or electrocution.

Whole House Surge Protectors

Many families prepare for a power outage by stocking up on supplies like extra phone batteries, flashlights, and portable radios. Are you prepared for what happens when the power comes back on? The sudden influx of power when the utility company restores service can damage computers and electrical devices.

Investing in a power surge protector can save you from property damage, lost productivity, and inconvenience. However, store-bought plug-in surge protectors might not always provide complete protection from power surges.

Many modern appliances have integrated computer systems that make them vulnerable to power surges. Adding power surge protection to every outlet can be time-consuming and expensive. Whole house surge protector installation is often a better and more complete solution if you want to be sure your house is safe from power surges.

A whole house or whole home surge protector attaches to your home’s electrical panel and shields it from electrical surges. During whole-house surge protector installation, the technician will disconnect the home from the power grid, mount the surge protector, connect it to the breaker with wires, and confirm that the surge protector and the panel are in good working condition.

The whole house surge protector works similarly to the ground wire in the home by redirecting electrical current away from the house. Different surge protectors have different capacities, so consult an expert at Super Power Electric to find one that is right for you.

Sadly, no surge protector will offer protection against lightning. When lightning strikes your home and its sensitive electronics, ground wire installation can safely guide some of the powerful electric currents into the earth—but there are limits to its protection.

For homeowners who want complete peace of mind, whole-house surge protector installation with standalone power surge protectors is the best protection against power surges.

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Finding an Installation Specialist for Surge Protection Near Me

Doing electrical work yourself can be dangerous if you do not have training and experience installing parts of the electrical system. General contractors might be unfamiliar with the building code in your area and some of the latest electrical safety devices.

Seeking an electrical installation specialist in your area is the best way to get the latest surge protection installed correctly, using quality components you can count on for many years.

As a local, licensed electrical contractor, Super Power Electric provides customers with many benefits:

  • Expert advice on the right size surge protector.
  • A five-year guarantee on whole-house surge protector installation 
  • Support any time, day or night.
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Protect Your Home Electronics with Super Power Electric

Super Power Electric in Shrewsbury, NJ, sells and installs high-quality electrical safety equipment, including outlets and surge protectors. To speak with a licensed electrician about surge protectors for outlets in your home or whole-house surge protectors, call 732-851-8487 today.