Whole House Fans in Ocean Township
Quieter Comfort at a Fraction of the Cost


The air conditioner is not your only option for cooling comfort. Introducing the whole house fan. This ventilation system works by drawing cool air inside your home, while exhausting hot air to the outside. The results are improved comfort, cleaner air and a dramatically lower energy bill. 

Super Power Electric is proud to be a certified QuietCool installer, bringing superior comfort and cost savings to homeowners in Central New Jersey. QuietCool has been innovating the traditional whole house fan, improving performance and ensuring whisper quiet operation since 2004. Now the technology that has prompted many homeowners to rethink their air conditioners can be yours. 

Keep reading to learn more about whole house fans and other innovative cooling solutions now offered by Super Power. 

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Whole House Fans
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Attic Fans and Garage Fans From Super Power Electric

In addition to whole house fans, Super Power Electric is proud to offer more cooling solutions from QuietCool, including attic fans and garage fans. 

These powerful units dramatically cool the hottest part of your home – the attic, which can reach 160 degrees – by removing hot, stale air. A cooler attic means a cooler home. Plus, your air conditioner will work more efficiently, lowering your energy bill. Bonus: an attic fan dehumidifies, preventing costly moisture damage. 

If your garage has an attic above it, this is the solution for you. The reason your garage is unbearably hot during the summer is because heat builds up in the attic and radiates downward. A garage fan cools and ventilates by dropping the attic’s temperature, protecting your belongings and creating a more comfortable workspace, gym or man cave below.



A whole house fan isn’t the first thing you think of when considering ways to cool down your home, so you naturally have questions. Let’s take a closer look at how these efficient systems work and how they compare with central air conditioners. 

You’ve likely opened a window and felt a cool breeze relieve your hot, stuffy home. It’s the best way to cool down. After all, it’s natural and completely free. A whole house fan works to continuously produce that effect, pulling fresh, cool air through open windows, dropping the core temperature of your home by as much as 10 degrees. As it cools, it’s flushing hot air outside through the attic ventilation. (This is not to be confused with an attic fan. More on that below.) 

That’s very different from the way an air conditioner works. A central air conditioner is a closed loop system, meaning it recycles the same stale air. Plus, it works much harder, driving up your energy bill. 

The Garden State is certainly muggy in the summer months, but your whole house fan will work fine depending on when you run it. Whole house fans are most effective when outside temperatures are lower than inside temperatures, so it’s best to operate it when the climate is cooler and dryer – typically mornings and evenings. 

Yes, you’ll still need your air conditioner but you’ll use it a whole lot less. You’ll only need to run your A/C during the high heat of the day. That’s where the cost savings come in. Not only can you expect to slash your cooling costs by 50% or more, you’ll also extend your A/C system’s lifespan. The most efficient homes combine a whole house fan, attic fan and garage fan to exhaust heat and improve indoor air quality for comfort you can feel and savings you can see. Call us today at 732-537-8487 or contact us online to learn more about how Super Power Electric can bring innovative cooling solutions to your home.
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With a whole house fan, you’re not only getting the most efficient way to cool your home, you’re getting superior ventilation. Ventilation is vital to your home’s indoor air quality. Modern homes are built to be airtight. That’s good because a tight envelop makes your home more efficient. The drawback is that the air inside can become stale and loaded with toxins and impurities. A whole house fan exchanges old air with fresh air from outside. That means less dust, dander and other contaminates.  Read our reviews to learn why you should have your whole house fan installed by the experts at Super Power Electric.