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The electrical system in your home or business should be unobtrusive, reliable, and up to code. Sadly, many property owners risk injury and property damage because of installation errors and product failures with their outlets and wiring.

Nobody should lose sleep wondering if their electrical system is safe—or, worse, discover a problem too late when someone suffers an injury or a fire breaks out. 

When you need to rely on your electrical outlets to work from day one and stand the test of time, the best choice for electrical outlet installation is Super Power Electric. For product quality, expert installation, and exceptional customer service, the competition doesn’t measure up. 

We can handle outlet installations of any size, involving standard 15A outlets or many different types of specialized outlets.

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GFCI Outlet Installation

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) will prevent a circuit from carrying electric current if electricity flows from the circuit to the ground instead of flowing in its expected path. Ground wires typically provide a safe way for electrical current to flow into the ground, but a ground fault bypasses this safety feature. 

Ground fault interrupters include a reset button that reestablishes the circuit after the conditions that produced the ground fault have abated. 

Ground faults are dangerous because, in certain conditions, electricity can flow through a person or an animal on the way to the ground, causing electrocution. 

Ground faults can occur for several reasons, such as:

  • Worn insulation exposing a hot wire to nearby metal.
  • Damage to the electric circuitry or stray wiring.
  • Water or humidity carrying electricity from an outlet or electrical appliance to another conducting circuit.

Building codes often require ground fault circuit interrupters within six feet of a water source or on electrical appliances that often come into contact with moisture, such as hair dryers.

If you do not have enough GFCI outlets in the appropriate locations in your home or if you experience frequent nuisance tripping of your GFCI outlets, call Super Power Electric for GFCI electrical outlet installation and repair.

An arc fault outlet prevents electricity from traveling through a small gap between a hot electrical wire and a neutral wire. Arc faults can occur because an electrician or DIY homeowner installed the wire incorrectly or the wires have become frayed and damaged. 

Arc faults are a common cause of fires, which occur when the arcing electrical current passes through flammable material and creates a short circuit. Arc faults can also cause electrocution and electrical burns.

Electric circuits that supply outlets should have arc fault circuit interrupters either in the electrical panel or the first outlet on each branch. If your outlets do not have arc fault protection, an AFCI outlet installation specialist can fix the problem.

Current building codes in the United States require builders to install combination-type ACFI protection instead of the older ACFI outlets. Combination ACFI outlets detect a particular type of arc fault, where a wire doubles back and contacts itself, that older ACFI protectors would miss.

At Super Power Electric, we use the most up-to-date outlets for every electrical outlet installation, so our customers don’t have to retrofit their outlets in a few years to keep up to code.

USB Outlets are increasingly common for charging computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Outlets can include two or more standard outlets along with one or more USB outlets. Many homeowners combine USB outlet installation with conventional electrical outlet installation when they renovate their home for a home office, second bathroom, or other addition.

20 Amp outlets draw more than the usual amount of current than a standard 15A outlet. Builders and contractors will typically install 20A outlets in workshops and garages to support appliances that require a larger amount of electricity, such as air compressors.

You can tell a 20A outlet from a 15A outlet due to an extra horizontal opening, forming a sideways T shape, on the upper right prong of the outlet.

20A outlets can safely supply power to standard 15A appliances, but appliances that draw 20 amps should not draw power from a 15A outlet.

Are you a safety-conscious parent or parent-to-be?  Keep any children in your home safe with professionally installed, tamper-proof, childproof outlets that are easy to use but hard for a curious child to reach.

Smart outlets allow you to control the power to light bulbs, appliances, and other devices over your Wi-Fi connection and program the outlet to provide power on your schedule. Many owners of older homes and properties opt for smart electrical outlet installation to make their homes compatible with the latest technology.

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