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Dealing with an electrical issue is never convenient; you need electricity to charge your phone, keep your appliances running, turn your lights on, and more. Ideally, we could control an electrical emergency—like the power going out—when it’s best for us. 

Unfortunately, that’s not our world; your power can go out anytime. For example, your power can stop working on your day off in the afternoon. Likewise, it could go off at three in the morning while you’re sound asleep. 

Knowing you can call a 24-hour emergency electrician when needed can give you peace of mind. For decades, we’ve dispatched 24/7 emergency electricians to residents and businesses that need them the most. 

We pair our years of experience with the latest tools and high-quality customer service. Our team is just one call away from jumping into action— night or day. 

Atlantic Highlands, NJ, residents that need an emergency electrician can call Super Power Electric at 732-851-8487

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When to Call a 24/7 Emergency Electrician Near Me

Knowing when to call a 24/7 electrician starts with knowing what constitutes an electrical emergency. Signs you may need emergency electrical services include the following: 

If you start smelling something burning, it might be coming from an appliance or outlet. You can quickly examine the source but avoid dealing with the problem yourself. Instead, let us dispatch a 24/7 electrician. 

Sometimes, homeowners brush off flickering lights as an abnormal one-time occurrence. However, frequent flickering lights indicate something wrong with your power source. Let our crew take a look and repair it if necessary. 

Your appliances and outlets should never produce sparks. But, if they do, a house fire can happen. 

A breaker box producing intense humming or buzzing sounds can spell trouble. Your circuit breaker might be experiencing an overload, making it a fire hazard. 

If you touch an outlet or appliance and receive an electrical shock, you should contact our team. Even if the shock was minor, you could have issues like frayed wires. 

Water and electricity don’t mix well and can lead to significant damage, including fires. 

A circuit breaker that trips frequently means you need to inspect your electrical system. 

If a powerline in your neighborhood falls, stay at least 40 feet away from it. You also absolutely don’t want to touch anything near it. Be sure to call the appropriate authorities to deal with the issue. 

When hearing “electrical emergency,” many people think about being unable to use their appliances. While inconvenient, a power outage isn’t always an emergency. 

If you’re experiencing a power outage, try contacting your neighbors. If several homes are without power, chances are your utility company is already aware and is working towards fixing the issue. You can still call your electrical company to see if they know what’s going on. 

If your home is the only one without power, try resetting every circuit breaker. Call us for an electrical repair if this action doesn’t resolve the problem. 

Determining if a power outage or other electrical issue constitutes an emergency can take time and effort. As a result, many homeowners prefer to call a 24-hour emergency electrician only if they know it’s necessary. 

While understandable, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You probably don’t need to call our emergency hotline the first time a light flickers. However, it doesn’t hurt to call if you’re dealing with an electrical issue that you’re unsure of how severe it is.

Please call us if you’re dealing with a burning smell, water near your panel, sparking, or electrical shocks. At the very least, having our team inspect the situation will give you peace of mind. 

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Reasons Why Your Electrical Outlet Isn't Working

Electrical outlets are so synonymous with our homes that we often forget they exist. However, we use these electrical outlets to power virtually everything in our homes or business. For that reason, we quickly take notice when one stops working. 

An electrical outlet suddenly not working often isn’t an emergency. However, it can indicate more extensive problems with your electrical system. Therefore, it’s best to call our team when an electrical outlet stops working. Reasons for a broken outlet may include the following: 

Your GFCI device sits in your outlets next to sinks. This device will shut your outlet off when it recognizes your system overheating. 

Outlets sometimes overheat, causing them to burn out. Alongside causing the outlet to stop working, this can also be a fire hazard. You should call our emergency team if this issue happens. 

Overloaded outlets will trigger your circuit breaker to trip, turning off the power. 

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Why You Can Trust an Emergency Electrician From Super Power Electric

Our Super Power Electric team strives to provide the best emergency service in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ, area. From minor electrical issues to severe fire hazards, we bring the same level of commitment to every job. You can choose our expert team for the following reasons: 

Unlike other electrical companies, we never take advantage of customers facing emergencies. In addition, we charge per job and not by the hour, meaning you never need to worry about overtime fees. 

We also provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees or commitments. After an initial inspection, we’ll give you a free estimate and your repair or replacement options. It’s our goal to provide solutions in-line with your needs and budget. 

At Super Power Electric, we understand how delicate emergencies are. Besides eliminating a potential fire, we know an emergency can put stress on homeowners. As a result, every electrician we hire brings the following: 

  • The best tools to get the job done
  • Plenty of hands-on experience working with various projects
  • A passion for helping Red Bank, NJ, residents and business owners
  • The necessary qualifications, including being licensed, bonded, and insured

Every electrician also undergoes a strict vetting process, including a criminal background check. 

From start to completion, we always keep you in the loop. Whether the job takes one hour or several, we ensure you know what’s going on every step of the way. 

Of course, our team can also gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. We understand trying to process electrical terminology and data can be challenging. Therefore, we take the time to explain everything you need or want to know thoroughly. 

Fixing electrical issues can sometimes create a mess. To prevent dirtying up your home, our team takes extra measures.

Every technician is clean, neat, and professional. They also wear shoe coverings and protect your home’s furnishings with drop cloths. It’s our goal to leave your home or business clean or cleaner than when we first walked in. 

Our over 500 five-star reviews speak for themselves, but we don’t just rely on our positive testimonials. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to show you we mean business. 

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What Should You Do During an Electrical Emergency?

It’s essential to know what to do should an electrical emergency happen. An electrical emergency can take many different forms, but some actions you should take include the following: 

  • Ensure everyone in the house is safe, including pets and family members. 
  • If there’s a small fire, try to put it out using a fire extinguisher. 
  • If a fire is too big to handle yourself, get you and your family out of the home and call 911. 
  • If you have specific medical needs that require electrical power, contact 911 following an outage. 
  • Cut off the power to the malfunctioning appliance or outlet. 
  • Unplug any affected fixtures or appliances. 
  • If unsure what’s causing the issue, cut off power to the entire property. 
  • Check if your neighbors are safe, as some electrical emergencies can affect nearby properties. 
  • Contact our emergency electricians. 

Lastly, never try to resolve an emergency yourself. Unless you’re an expert, attempting to fix an electrical issue can further damage your property. You can also harm yourself or others in the process. 

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For an Emergency Electrician Near Me, Call Our Team Today

Dealing with an electrical issue of any kind can be stressful. Unfortunately, this stress becomes magnified when it falls outside conventional working hours. While you can’t control when a problem occurs, you can determine who to call to fix it. 

Our Super Power Electric team knows problems can spring up at any time. That’s why we’re just one call away from assisting you and your family during an emergency. 

When residents of Atlantic Highlands, NJ, need an emergency electrician, they call us at 732-851-8487!