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Your Oceanport, NJ, home relies on your electrical panel to fuel your many electrical appliances and gadgets. 

When your electrical panel can’t support your power needs, you’ll quickly find devices stop working. Preventing these problems from occurring or worsening +calls for a licensed electrician. 

Our Super Power Electric team proudly assists Oceanport, NJ, residents, and businesses. We bring decades of experience working with various electrical panels. We can repair your Eaton, Siemens, Square D electrical panel, and more. 

From ensuring your circuit breaker is ready for winter to doing a full-scale electrical panel repair or replacement, you can trust our experts to deliver reliable services. 

When Oceanport, NJ, residents need an electrical panel repair, they call our expert team. Contact Super Power Electric at 732-851-8487

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Electrical Panels
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You Can Trust Our Expert Team

Super Power Electric provides several services to Oceanport, NJ, and surrounding areas. We set the standard for top-notch electricians throughout New Jersey. Our passionate crew proudly tackles projects of different sizes and scopes. 

Our mission is to bring the best electrical products and services paired with customer satisfaction. With over 25,000 clients served, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our ace services. 

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Electrical Panel Replacements and Repairs

Your electrical panel transfers electrical power throughout your home or business. It’s essentially a board with various electrical circuits that transmit power to different areas. Everything from putting bread in your toaster to watching TV at night requires power. 

Your circuit breaker panel lets you cut power from one area without interrupting power throughout the rest of your home. Locating your electrical panel is essential in case of an emergency. 

Unfortunately, because an electrical panel is out of sight, many homeowners may not recognize when an issue arises. 

Electrical Panels
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Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Replacement

Common signs that you may need an electrical panel repair or replacement include:

Your electrical circuits break down quickly

You want to add more appliances to your business or home

You've added something like a guest home or a new room to your home

You have charred, discolored, or corroded switches or outlets

Your lights won't turn on or are flickering

You plan to sell your home or business in the near future

You're having unexplained power issues with your appliances

You frequently smell a burning scent, or your panels suffered from fire damage

If you notice any of these signs, call our experts. Our team will start by inspecting your electrical panel. After diagnosing the issue, we can recommend repairing or replacing your electrical panel.

We never try to upsell any of our clients, so we suggest the most cost-effective option. We can also explain your various options. By doing so, you can make an educated decision that works best for your needs and budget.

A simple repair may be best if you recently installed your electrical panel and are experiencing issues. Call our team if you’re experiencing the following problems: 

  • The lights are flickering.
  • Your panel feels hot or warm when you touch it.
  • Appliances aren’t functioning properly.
  • An outlet produces an electrical shock or spark when you plug a device in.
  • You’re noticing that your circuits frequently trip.

It’s important to note that electrical shocks can cause fires and even lead to severe burning and death. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact our team when electrical shocks happen. 

If we determine your electrical panel needs an upgrade, we implement the following steps: 

  • Remove your outdated fuse box or circuit breakers. 
  • Install your new electrical panel.
  • Ensure your upgraded panel follows your area’s ground codes. 
  • Install your new circuit breakers and properly label them. 
  • Seal every penetration. 
  • Give your system a final inspection.
  • Call your utility company to restore your electrical power. 
  • Test your new system and adjust if needed. 

We’ll end by cleaning up the job site, including removing any old devices or equipment. We can also answer any questions you may have. 

Our team works with the following electrical panels: 

  • Square D electrical panels
  • RV electrical panels
  • Eaton electrical panels
  • Siemens electrical panels and more

Along with providing top-notch electrical panel repair, we can recommend the right panel for your needs. Our team delivers whether you need an Eaton electrical panel for your home or an energy-efficient RV electrical panel. 

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We Can Service Your Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker

Besides different brands, electrical panels come in two main options: fuse boxes and circuit breakers. Both types functionally operate the same. The primary difference is how they can protect your home following a power overload. 

Another difference is that you can upgrade your fuse box to a market-current electrical panel. However, you’ll most likely need to replace your circuit breaker when it can’t provide your home with the electricity it needs. Let’s look at these two systems in more depth: 

A fuse box consists of tiny and disposable fuses. Manufacturers design each fuse to handle a specific electrical current level. When its system experiences a power overload, your fuse will melt, leading to a broken circuit. 

This process, while unfortunate to deal with, prevents an electrical surge from damaging your connected appliances. It can also prevent a house fire, and you’ll need to replace your fuse to restore power to your circuits. 

A circuit breaker acts similarly to a fuse box, but one primary difference exists. Instead of breaking the circuit using a disposable fuse, your circuit breaker has a switch. This switch oversees currents flowing throughout your electrical system. 

When a current rises too much, this switch automatically trips, severing energy to the respective circuit. You can reset the switch, which closes off the circuit and reinstates electricity. Naturally, this process is more convenient as you won’t need to carry disposable fuses. 

Fuse boxes and circuit breakers provide extra protection to your home or business regarding power surges. However, they’re not 100% effective, and you may require additional measures. 

Our Super Power Electric team recommends larger homes or businesses that use a lot of power to explore whole-house surge safeguards. These safeguards ensure your appliances function correctly. Additionally, our team can service and install electric sub-panels.

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Call Us If You're Installing New Appliances

Besides needing a circuit breaker repair, you should call us if you’re planning to install new appliances. 

Major appliances like hot tubs, washers, air conditioners, dryers, etc., require plenty of electrical power. Your current Eaton or Siemens electrical panel may not be enough to handle this extra load. Our team can inspect your existing setup and see if your home needs more electrical power. 

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Can You Repair or Replace Your Electrical Panel Yourself?

Trying to repair or replace your Oceanport, NJ, electrical panel yourself is tempting. However, you should stay away from DIY projects for the following reasons: 

Attempting to repair or replace your electrical panel or circuit breakers can result in a fire. Even a minor fire can cause significant burns or escalate into a full-on house fire. 

Our Super Power Electric electricians always carry the right tools for the job. Our specialized tools ensure we complete the job correctly the first time. 

Likewise, our company has decades of electrical experience. Every electrician we hire has ample experience repairing and installing electrical panels. 

For some, the fun part of DIY projects is learning as you go. However, working hours on end with no progress becomes frustrating when trying to restore power to your home. 

Besides spending too much time, you can spend too much money trying to handle the task yourself. For example, you may buy the wrong tools or parts to get the job done. Improper repairs or replacements can also cause you to spend more money in the future. 

Whether replacing your entire electrical panel, repairing a specific component, hooking up power to a new appliance, etc., it’s possible to void your warranty. 

Warranties often stipulate that you need a licensed and insured contractor to repair or replace your electrical panel or its components. However, by attempting the job yourself or hiring an unlicensed contractor, you can void the warranty if something goes wrong. 

Another factor to consider is that repair companies have specific insurance policies. For example, if an electrician somehow damages your panel or causes a fire, their employer will likely have an obligation to compensate you. 


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Your electrical panel provides power throughout your home, so it’s essential to keep up with its repairs. Our Super Power Electric team can assist whether you’re facing a specific issue or want regular inspection services.  For the best electrical panel repair services in Oceanport, NJ, call 732-851-8487