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Best Ceiling Fan Installation in Shrewsbury, NJ with Over 500 5-Star Reviews

Ceiling fans are an ideal source of comfort and healthy airflow, particularly during summer heat waves. However, ceiling fan installation can be a hassle. Who wants to spend an afternoon standing on a ladder or perched precariously on a chair, trying to keep track of screws and other components while holding light fixtures steady and fiddling with wires?

Even if the instruction manual makes sense, which is hardly guaranteed, you might not be familiar with all the “unwritten rules” and best safety practices in the electrical installation industry. 

Hiring a professional, like the expert technicians at Super Power Electric in Shrewsbury, NJ, keeps you safe and avoids the risk of installation errors.

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Ceiling Fan Installation
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Finding a Ceiling Fan Installation Near Me

If you live near Shrewsbury, NJ, or elsewhere in our service area, we welcome you to become our next satisfied customer. We are confident that we have better product selection and work quality than any of the competitors in our area. If you live outside our service area, you might have to search harder to find the number one ceiling fan installation specialists.

Try the following tips when you search for “ceiling fan installation specialist near me” in your web browser.

Many of your neighbors have ceiling fans. Post the following question on your local discussion board: “Where can I find qualified, reputable ceiling fan installers near me?” 

Super Power Electric has stellar reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Do the electrical contractors in your community have the same track record? Investigate the reasons behind the positive and negative reviews.

Do the reviews mention ceiling fan installation specifically? Were the customers happy with their new fan and the installation process?

We first earned BBB accreditation over 20 years ago. Since then, our reputation has grown.

We have an average rating of five stars out of five on the BBB website and no complaints. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+. Many other companies cannot match our achievements and commitment to service.


Ceiling Fan Replacement

Many of our customers call us for ceiling fan replacement, either because they want to upgrade to a better ceiling fan model, their old fan is getting older, or the previous contractor made a mistake when they installed the current fan. If they don’t already know a ceiling fan installation expert, their first step is often to look online or in their neighborhood for companies they can trust.

Over 500 members of our local community trust us, and we hope you will too,

We offer an impressive array of top-of-the-line ceiling fans at competitive prices. Our experience with so many different types of ceiling fans, including smart ceiling fans, means you can count on us for the correct installation.

Furthermore, if we discover that your fan is functional but not working due to an installation error, we will do our best to fix it, so you don’t have to buy a new fan.

Super Power Electric Service
how we install ceiling fans

How We Install Ceiling Fans at Super Power Electric

Super Power Electric is not content to rest on decades of experience. Our technicians continue to master the latest ceiling fan installation techniques and keep pace with the latest products and advances in the industry. We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to excellence by making your next ceiling fan installation or electrical project a success. We keep costs low and quality high by adhering to a time-tested installation process.

We only sell ceiling fans that meet our rigorous standards. When we show up at your home to install your fan, you won’t have to worry about installation delays due to missing parts or installation mistakes. We will arrive ready to work and do everything we can to ensure the ceiling fan installation goes well.

The first steps in any ceiling fan installation are understanding what each customer wants and helping them make informed decisions about which fan works best for them. We’ll answer all your questions about airflow, different fan types, energy consumption, and more.

We test the wiring and shut off the power to the fan’s circuit before we begin the installation. We make sure to attach the ceiling fan securely to the ceiling joist so that it does not wobble and is not at risk of collapse in the future.

We connect the three wires that allow electricity to power the fan: the black wire carries electricity, the neutral white wire completes the circuit, and the green ground wire prevents electrical hazards. Once the wires are in place, we attach the wires to the fan motor, install the ceiling fan assembly, and attach the fan blades along with any light fixtures.

We test our ceiling fan installation thoroughly before we ask you to sign off on our work. We’ll answer all your questions, address any concerns, and demonstrate the fan’s functionality.

We make sure our customers know how to control their new fan, including the wall switch, remote controls, and smartphone apps. Many maintenance problems turn out to be problems with the remote control, the Wi-Fi connection, or the remote control sensor. We encourage users to try out each of the fan’s features.

Before we go, we give you tips on how to use and maintain your ceiling fan so you can get the most enjoyment from your ceiling fan and extend its life. 

Super Power Electric Service
regular maintenance

Regular Maintenance and Follow-up Care

Call us any time for maintenance, tips, or to repair your ceiling fan or other electrical appliance, outlet, or device from Super Power Electric.

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