Looking for a rewarding career as apart of a hard-working team? Want to advance your career while still gaining valuable skills that will help you grow? Don’t look any further!

Super Power Electric is currently hiring. We’re looking for talented electricians who are willing to do what it takes to perform the most reliable job possible.

We Expect Our Technicians To Adhere To A Certain Level Of Professionalism, So Here’s What Will Be Expected Of You:

  • You’ll be responsible for serving entire electrical systems for our clients, all while maintaining a professional, courteous attitude. That means wearing floor savers while in a client’s home as well as doing everything possible to maintain a clean working area when performing a job.
  • Before you leave, you’ll be expected to re-check any electrical repairs you’ve made to be sure it’s all working as intended – and to be sure that you did, in fact, repair the problem correctly the first time.
  • You’ll need to be able to communicate clearly to our clients. That means explaining our price guide, as well as explaining to the client what you’re doing while you work so they can see how Super Power Electric’s service stands above the rest.
  • Safety is our utmost concern. We expect our electricians to observe proper safety precautions at all times when working and driving.
  • You’ll need to perform a proper comprehensive electrical inspection of our clients’ system. That includes identifying potential problems that need to be corrected before they become dangerous.
  • Our clients trust us. Never try to sell them a repair that they don’t clearly need.
  • Maintain proper paperwork, like recording the age of electrical equipment (such as the panel) on every invoice so we know which electrician to send to the job.
  • Observe ideal cleanliness on the inside and outside of your truck. Again, we expect professionalism of the highest degree, and that includes the appearance of your vehicle.
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