The Dangers of DIY Electrical Repair

Even the most savvy homeowners should avoid taking on electrical repairs themselves. No matter how strictly you follow a guide, DIY electrical repair poses several dangers to your safety, home, and wallet. 

HereRed Bank’s skilled electricians at Super Power Electric share some of the most important reasons you should always hire a professional for electrical repair, no matter how small. Our Super Power professionals should be your very first call when dealing with electrical repairs in your home, so call (732) 627-2298 when you need reliable electrical services.

Shock or Electrocution

The most obvious danger of DIY electrical repair is the risk of injury. Even with the proper precautions, the risk of shock or even electrocution for homeowners that work with wires in their homes is extremely high.

Improper handling of a wire can cause instant damage and can sometimes be fatal. The money you may save on electrical work is never worth the risk to your life! 


Electrical issues are a leading cause of house fires, and attempting electrical repairs yourself only increases this risk. Faulty wiring caused by poor repair work can cause massive fires, creating a more significant problem than you were previously facing.

Voided Insurance

In addition to the myriad safety hazards, DIY electrical repairs can easily void your insurance coverage. If a mistake in your work causes damage to you or your property, insurance companies have every right to deny your claims. 

Insurance companies recognize that proper qualifications are essential to electrical safety, and will not compensate you for damage that they believe to be your fault. 


Without the proper training, you may cause all sorts of damage to your home’s electrical system. Even the smallest of mistakes could lead to severe malfunctions and costly replacements.

In some cases, a small DIY mistake could lead you to needing a complete rewiring of your home. Many people try to fix their own electrical issues to save money, then find themselves faced with a massive bill to repair all of the damage they have done. 

Legal Issues

If your DIY electrical repairs cause somebody injury, you will likely be liable for the legal damages. If your wiring mistakes lead to an accident, you are going to be the negligent party and will have little to no defense. 

Permits for electrical work exist to keep you and your household safe. Working without a permit is never a good idea, no matter how small the project may seem. 

What a Professional Offers

A professional electrician helps mitigate all of these risks and more. Hiring an experienced technician for your electrical repair needs can save you from injury, costly future repairs, and worse. 

At Super Power Electric, your safety is our top priority. That is why all of our electricians are professionally trained and licensed, bringing their professionalism and years of experience to every single job. 

Don’t run the risks of DIY electrical repair. Contact our Super Power Electric team at (732) 627-2298 for the best quality service in Central New Jersey.