Certified Distributor of Generac
Standby Generators in New Jersey

SUPERPOWER ELECTRIC is a leading certified distributor of Generac portable standby generators in New Jersey. Unforeseen outages resulting from human error and especially violent, unpredictable weather are happening more frequently and lasting longer than ever. These outages can have devastating effect, from the destruction of valuable appliances and electronic equipment due to the resultant surges when power is restored, to an increase of crime and home break-ins.

An electric backup generator is especially important if you have critical medical equipment in your home. We take pride in our role in protecting your home as a leading distributor and installer of residential back up generators in New Jersey.

Other Benefits of Protecting Your Home with Back Up Generators in New Jersey
Protecting your home and family from power outages and the resultant increase in crime and electrical damage is just one of the benefits of installing portable or standby generators. New Jersey, according to the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist (ONJSC), recently experienced “the warmest twelve-month period on record in NJ… from March 2011 to March 2012 (out of 1396 twelve-month intervals since 1895).”

Temperatures around the globe continue to soar, and according to the New Jersey Department of Health; “excessive heat is responsible for the hospitalization of between 45 and 170 people in New Jersey annually.” Losing much needed air conditioning during the hot summer months is especially dangerous to young children and the elderly.

There are still more advantages for homes having portable standby generators in New Jersey:
They are recommended by the American Red Cross.
They run on natural gas or gasoline.
They start up automatically when the power goes out – protecting your home and property whether you’re there or not.
They shut down automatically when the power returns.

It is recommended that anyone considering the installation of home backup generators in New Jersey have their home inspected by a certified technician to determine the proper unit for their household. SUPERPOWER ELECTRIC is a not only a certified dealer and expert in the installation of portable, standby and residential back up generators in New Jersey, they are a full service licensed electrical contractor who have happily met the electrical needs of Central New Jersey householders since 1993.

SUPERPOWER ELECTRIC has made protecting the people of New Jersey our top priority. Our Generac portable and standby generators have been rewarded with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

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