Need a meter base installed or updated?

Remodeling your home and need a new meter base installed? Has the city or utility company required that you upgrade your meter base on your older home? No problem! Superpower Electric can have you fixed up in no time!


The meter base is the unit that holds the utility companies meter. It is usually outside. It is placed between the utility companies wires and your homes electrical system. The actual meter calculates the amount of electricity that passes through it so that the utility company can tell how much to charge you.

Meter Bases don't have to be replaced very often, but do on occasion. The following are reasons why a meter base may need to be replaced.

1. Your meter base may be old and outdated - possibly not up to city electrical code.

2. It many not pass under current National Electric Code (NEC), which means it most likely isn't up to city code. In the event a home is sold, the new owner may request for it first to be replaced.

3. If a permit is pulled with a city for other electrical work being performed at the home, the city may require that the meter base be brought up to current code as well.

4. Changing the size of the electrical service in the home can also require a new meter base be installed.

5. When upgrading the electrical panel in the home, it may be necessary to replace the meter base as well.

As with all electrical components, safety is the number one concern. If you may be concerned about the safety of your meter base, or have any questions, please contact us. We love to answer questions!

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