Stay Cool and Comfortable
with a Ceiling Fan Installation!

When it comes to keeping your home temperatures comfortable, a ceiling fan is a low-cost, highly effective solution! As a ceiling fan circulates the air and keeps you cool throughout the summer, it help you save money on air conditioning bills. With an easy reversal of the blade direction as the seasons change, the fan will push the heated air down from your ceiling to keep your living space warm. SuperPower Electric installs ceiling fans in the Monmouth County and Central NJ areas, with capabilities including:

Replacing/Repairing an existing ceiling fan
Installing a fan where no there is no existing fixture
Installing a ceiling fan light combination
Adding switches, dimmers, and controls to a ceiling fan

Reasons to install
Ceiling fans can lower your electric bill by 30 to 40 percent.
Ceiling fans provide beautiful and functional light.
Ceiling fans with lights allow you to contribute to the layered lighting design of the room.
Ceiling fans offer versatility from room to room. Plus the more fans used through out the home, the greater the savings on your energy bill.

Reasons to Replace
Energy star rated ceiling fans are 60 percent more efficient than conventional ceiling fan and light units offering additional energy savings.
Wrong ceiling fan size.........

Wrong Ceiling Fan Size
Rooms that measure about 75 square feet or less , your fan blades should measure 29-39 inches.
Rooms that measure 80 to 150 feet , your ceiling fan blades should measure 36 to 42 inches.
Rooms that measure 151-225 square feet , your ceiling fan blades should measure 42 inches.
Rooms that measure 226- 400 square feet, your ceiling fan blades should measure 50 to 52 inches.

TIP: Select a fan with a reversible motor, to easily change the direction of your fan blades to create a comfortable living environment anytime of the year. Using a ceiling fan correctly will save you money on your heating and AC costs:
During the summer you want the fan to blow the air down , so your ceiling fan needs to run in a counter clockwise direction.
During the winter you want to blow cool air down, your fan should run at a low speed in a clockwise direction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SUPERPOWER ELECTRIC has an A+ business rating in New Jersey and meets all BBB accreditation standards! We proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!