• by Gena O'Neill

Ways to prepare for back to school

  Yes, it’s that time already- time to start thinking about going back to school. We all know it can be a hectic time of year for you and the kiddos. With all the school supply shopping, hunting for school clothes, and getting back into the routine of making school lunches...

  • by Gena O'Neill

Different Ways to make S’mores

S’mores are always a great treat when hanging out in the summer. If you have a fire going, chances are there will be a S’more involved too. National S’mores day celebrates the gooey treat on August 10th. August is a prime campfire month as the summer heat starts to c..

  • by Gena O'Neill

The Attic Fan


We are Big fans of FANS! Using attic and whole house fans are a smart investment which will help protect your biggest investment- your home. Not only do Fans can make you more comfortable, and can save you money in several ways. Many of us are unaware of the two types of fans that can..


The whole power dynamic in our homes has really changed. Just a few key outlets for a (lamp, toaster, coffee pot) just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our fast paced plugged in world is dependent on power. we use devices for countless things now, even our books needs to be charged. An i..

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Christmas outdoor Lighting Tips Nothing expresses the beauty of Christmas like putting up outdoor lights and other decorations. while perhaps nothing expresses the beauty of Christmas like an exceptional light display, outdoor light can pose a danger to your home and the people in it...