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Why is Aluminum Wiring Repair in New Jersey Homes Necessary?
The importance of Aluminum wiring repair in New Jersey homes was recently publicized in a report by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). According to staff and government officials who specialize in the investigation of fires and hazardous incidents around the country in which aluminum wiring was involved. The report, generated in conjunction with the Franklin Research Institute indicated that every light switch, junction box, and outlet connected to Aluminum wire circuits is a potential fire hazard. In fact such homes are over 50 times more at risk than those without aluminum wiring.

This is only one factor that has increased the need for Aluminum wiring repair in New Jersey Homes.

Because of the increased risk of fire in homes with Aluminum wire connections, many insurance companies are refusing to provide or renew coverage on homes – especially those built during the 1960’s or 70’s. This leaves homeowners at serious financial risk, a risk only removed by the inspection of circuits and Aluminum wiring repair. New Jersey has many homes that were built during the aforementioned period. If you are the owner of such a house, you may want to seriously consider having an inspection carried out to your home.

The Benefits of Aluminum Wiring Repair to Your New Jersey Home:
Having Aluminum wiring repair to your New Jersey home carried out of course has the obvious benefit of providing you with peace of mind. Ensuring that your family is safe and sound is the priority of every homeowner. There is also the added benefit of financial security – knowing your home is insured in case of fire. Furthermore, the circuitry in your home will be more efficient. Deteriorating Aluminum wire connections often lead to:

Flickering lights
Static on radios and televisions
Circuit breakers constantly tripping
Light bulbs burning out prematurely, or shining brighter than usual
Reduced picture size of a television
Having an efficient electrical system in your home will also help to keep the cost of your electricity down.

What You Can Do About Aluminum Wiring Repair in Your New Jersey Home
No two homes are wired alike. To find out if you need Aluminum wiring repair in your New Jersey home, it is necessary to have an inspection carried out by an experienced and authorized Aluminum wiring expert. There are only certain methods that are approved by the Electrical Safety Authority, and the only way to know which is the most suitable for your home is to have it inspected.To find out about having an inspection to your home conducted by a professional aluminum wiring repair, New Jersey resident contractor, call us today or complete our online request form. We are experts at replacing electrical wiring in New Jersey.

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